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Chernobyl Marijuana Strain For Sale

The Chernobyl strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid designed to perk up and get your feet (and mouth) moving. Having a meltdown? Clear your head and get out of bed with Chernobyl.

Bred by Subcool’s The Dank, this strain is a combination of Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity. How you come about a strain like this is beyond us, but we’re not complaining!


Chernobyl is easily recognizable by its rock hard, dark green buds. The nugs tend to be small and compact, with an abundance of orange hairs and trichomes.
Chernobyl’s scent is a sweet and citrusy experience, beginning with hints of lime and finishing off with a tropical bouquet.
Taste-wise, the strain is very similar to the smell but features a bit of a pungent punch when exhaling the smoke.
We recommend using a lower temperature when vaping to keep the terpene profile intact.

Effects + Benefits

In true sativa fashion, Chernoby is a mentally stimulating experience that’s subtle on the body.
If you’re expecting a long, drawn-out hello, then think again. Chernobyl’s high hits almost immediately, beginning with an onslaught of euphoria. Happiness overwhelms its users, leaving many clutching at their sides from laughing too hard.
Now that the parties started, it’s time to get up and dance. Chernobyl produces a jolt of energy that gets you moving, whether you like it or not. Messy house? You bet it’s getting cleaned. Didn’t feel like going to the gym? Say hello to the best workout of your life.
Another feature of this strain is its social prowess. Most people prefer to use the strain with others around at a party, bar or gathering. Any ounce of shyness fades away.
For those using it medicinally, Chernobyl is excellent at alleviating stress, depression and anxiety. It’s also used for inflammation and IBS in some instances.
Chernobyl fades any worries or stress, bring out the sun, even if the forecast calls for rain.
Up to 20-22% THC
Flavours: Fruit, Herbal, Peppery
Effects: Uplifted, Happy, Energetic, Relaxed, Euphoric
Medical Benefits: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Pain, Muscle Spasms

2.0 Grams, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams


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