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God’s Green Crack


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God’s Green Crack aka God’s Crack Marijuana Strain For Sale

If you want to explore the full cannabis experience, then God’s Green Crack is the strain of your dreams.

Also known as GGC, God’s Green Crack is a grower’s dream cross. Famous breeders Jordan of the Island took perfection and perfected it. Is that even possible? That’s not the point; what matters is the beautiful little strain they’ve produced.

They say opposites attract, and in this case, it’s nothing but the truth. GGC is the offspring of God Bud and Green Crack, two opposites. God Bud is fall flat on your face type Indica, while Green Crack is as refreshing of a Sativa as they come. Combinations like these don’t always pan out, but GGC is an optimal blend of yin and yang.
God’s Green Crack’s appearance leans closer to its Indica lineage with denser nugs than most hybrids. The buds are a dark shade of green, with a purple hue in some variations. A blanket of trichomes covers the nug like snow on a Christmas tree.


A glance at GGC and you can tell it’s a top-ranking flower, but its scent and flavour also add to its allure. Upon smoking, an earthy and herbal flavour excites the tongue, followed by a slightly citrus after taste. Along with it, you may find a floral bouquet, but it might be hard to notice, depending on the method of consumption.
As for the aroma, It doesn’t take more than a quick whiff to get a hint of hash from GGC. Smoke fills the air with a light hashy and woodsy smell.

GGC Effects + Benefits

God’s Green Crack is a rocket when it comes to high, elevating users moments after the first hit. Starting with light pressure in the forehead, the feeling quickly spreads through the rest of the body. Followed by engaging the senses in a display of physical fireworks. As the pleasurable
sensations spread, the mind comes to life. Ideas from all corners of the brain come to light, bringing forth a wave of creativity. People notice they begin to piece together foreign concepts, making it great for problem-solving.
Now that the creativity is in 6th gear, uplifting feelings of joy and excitement take over. Happiness fills the mind and rids any stress hiding in the trenches. GGC is a mental vacation, with Pina Colada’s on a tropical beach in Cuba.
Those with PTSD and anxiety in need of a mental vacation find comfort in the trauma releasing effects of GGC, although it’s best used in small doses at first to work up to a proper dosage as its a potent strain.
Once the high has progressed, the body slowly but surely falls into a trance. Muscles feel as if they’ve gained weight and want nothing but to hit the ground. It’s not a typical couch-lock, it’s more on the relaxing side. But if you’re in a cozy setting and enjoyed a little too much, you may find yourself struggling to get out and about. One thing is for sure, though, couch-locked or not, a trip to the kitchen is in order. God’s Green Crack is a munchie maniac. Be careful or face the consequences of eating a whole pizza and wings.
God’s Green Crack is what you’d call a Jack of all trades strain. If your life could use a little balance, then it could also use some GGC.
Up to 23-25% THC
Flavours: Earthy, Pungent, Woody
Effects: Euphoric, Energetic, Happy, Uplifted, Relaxed
Medicinal: Pain, Depression, Stress, Lack of Appetite, Headaches

2.0 Grams, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams


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