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J1 Marijuana Strain for Sale

The J1 strain, also known as Jack One, is a canna-connoisseurs dream. Bred from the highly-rated Jack Herer and Skunk #1, it’s a masterpiece.
Of course, to make such a bold claim, it needs facts to back it up. First, the lineage speaks for itself. Jack Herer is one of the most recognized strains in the world. Not a Kylie Jenner type fame, unwarranted and shallow, but worthy of recognition. As with Skunk #1, the potent Indica legend has spread its DNA all over the cannabis world. It should be filing for custody of more than a handful of popular strains. Breeding the 2 can only mean 1 thing, an irresistibly balanced strain pulled from the top drawer.


J1 is a Hybrid strain that produces a pleasant earthy and citrus aroma, with a pungent, gassy stench tieing it all together. Be careful opening the bag in closed quarters; the smell travels from wall to wall in seconds. Whether smoking or vaporizing, the flavour pairs with the scent. Sweet and citrusy smoke on the inhale, with a sweet and earthy exhale. Now that’s a palate to call home about.

J1 Effects + Benefits

Once done admiring the scent and flavour of J1, the effects begin. An electric jolt surges from your brain down to your spine, then spreading throughout every cell. Yet, the mind becomes still like a pond at dusk, along with an enriching mental clarity.
The synergizing energy paired with its cerebral activation is second to none. A high this razor-sharp is best used for concentration, including and not limited to creative fields, work, sports, and relaxing face down in a book. Whatever you may need to do gets finished before it feels you’ve even started.
Fans of a euphoric buzz will love what J1 brings to the table. Smoking this hybrid compares to a time machine that takes you back to your favourite moment as a child, unwrapping a bubbly gift
of happiness. The uplifting feelings last for hours after the high has ended, making it ideal to use during the day.
The medicinal benefits of J1 are various. From treating anxiety and depression, it also improves the user’s relation to past traumatic situations as well-treating cases of ADD, or ADHD. Improvements in chronic fatigue are also documented with this strain.
In need of a top-shelf hybrid strain? One which produces a mental high, bright as the cloudless sky, with an energetic, yet slightly sedated body?
Don’t worry, J1’s got you covered.
Up to 18-23% THC
Flavours: Citrus, Sweet, Pine
Effects: Euphoric, Energetic, Happy, Focused, Uplifted
Medical Uses: Pain, Stress, Fatigue, Depression, Headaches

2.0 Grams, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams


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